Fumbling with Grace

It’s already April 8th. Where has the time gone. That’s not really a question, more like an observation. It’s gone into cleaning, planning, paperwork and research. That’s all about my RL, not my writing. I’ll get to that in a second.

As for progress on my novel, it’s been slow since the last post. I’ve gotten up to 89,000 thousand words in the new-new draft versus 78,000 in the new-old draft. I’ve finally gotten through the climax, but the tenses and POVs are still not completely correct, nor is the punctuation. The issue is that the the male Dom is talking in the present about his past. I have the past [for the most part] in italics when he is directly relating his experiences “as told to” his present-day female sub. The problem is this: If he is speaking, in the present, about the past, is it a direct quotation, such as ” “. Or, is it quote within a quote, such as ” ‘ ‘ “? And what quotation to use when he’s relating something that someone else said in the past within that dialogue with himself in the past but speaking to her in the present?

The next part is where I have to chop – not prune – the prose. It’s too detailed as it includes the entire written DD contract between them in the present. It would be fine as an addendum, but it simply bogs down the story too much. Not to mention those chapters run about 20,000 words. I’ll keep some, but portray it as conversation and action rather than a flow chart with Roman numerals and bullet points.

I was at the Naples Botanical Gardens recently. If and when travel starts back up again, and you happen to visit SW Florida, the Gardens are a must see. I was down there finishing up the paperwork on my new place. I’m going to be moving some stuff soon, but I won’t permanently move until June. In the meantime I’m working around my house getting it prepped for sale. I also paid off the mortgage so it will be easier to sell. I hope to get about 150K, that’s the average in my neighborhood over the past year. I’m now debt free and I plan to stay that way. Once I move I may go back to work part-time… but I also want to focus on my creative writing and photography to see if I can generate steady income that way.