Color me surprised

Since I posted my last post with the free offer, I haven’t had a single person take me up on the offer. I mean, that’s okay, but I am surprised. Been editing today, up to 12,000 words and six chapters. Changing POV and tenses again. When I first starting writing longer fiction, it was pointed out that I head-hop all the time. Been really focusing on that tendency, trying to write in blocks instead and offer more internal thoughts. I like writing spoken dialogue and let that carry the narrative rather than pages of introspection.

Also very busy in my RL. Closing on a new home in a couple of weeks and moving in a couple of months. Despite be able to retire in order to facility this as expeditiously as possible, and having a nearly perfect credit score, it’s rather annoying when lending dries up when you have no income. In any case, lots to do over the next few months. I’ll keep updating as I can and the free offer is still available until March, 15th.

Thanks from Byron Cane

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