Stephanie is about ready for launch

Hello, my friends and fellow erotica lovers. The Spanking Misadventures of Stephanie is almost ready for publication by Clarion Press. I have finished the second round of edits sent to me by the editor and publisher, Ina Morata, and the next step is a proof-reading copy formatted for ebook.

During this process, I realized that writing flash fiction for my spanking blog, is much different than writing polished prose for publication. The entire 21-episode weekly run of Stephanie posts, totaled 25,500 words. As of this point, the current novella draft is up to 34,123, an increase of 8,623 words. Why the difference?

My flash fiction is normally either heavy on dialogue, or rich in narrative; but not both. I also tend to skimp on physical descriptions of characters and places. It’s difficult to squeeze a story into a set limit if you are flinging prose around with the literary equivalent of a paintbrush. By its very nature, flash fiction has to be streamlined with most of the descriptors implied.

Another serial I am currently posting, Kismet of Submission, is slightly more detailed, primarily because after only two episodes, I decided to turn it into a full-length novel of 100,000 words. Even so, limiting myself to 1,100 word weekly episodes, means that simply rewriting from the beginning, I can add thousands of words by fluffing up the prose.

Speaking of fluffing, below is a snippet of Stephanie to begin your weekend with something to savor.

Hope you enjoyed this update and see you for my next post, or get your daily spanking, at Spank Me Hard… Please?.

Byron Cane

A small ‘taste’ of things to come.

9 thoughts on “Stephanie is about ready for launch

  1. I’ll wear both my hats for this one! You have done a marvellous job with your edits (and what you fail to mention is that, prior to these rounds of rigorous changes, you have gone through another couple of rounds of edits – you must be SO sick of your editor now! 😀).

    The thing about narrative and dialogue is that, ultimately, they both serve the same purpose: to move the story from beginning where the conflict (inner or outer) is introduced, to the quest/journey/problem-solving of the central part, with its high and low points, to the extreme high or low which sets the scene for the conflict-solving and denouement. And their job is to do it in the most interesting ways possible. You can have one without the other, and that’s okay… but together they make something wonderful. This is what you have here.

    We could go on and on, adding dialogue and narrative, but there comes a point when the story is saturated. That’s the point to stop — and maybe even begin cutting back the extraneous detail. It is never worth filling a story with detail beyond the point at which it adds value to the story. Stephanie has been honed so that every event, every conversation, every move the characters make, and every single word choice is intrinsic to the story. I am absolutely delighted to able to bring this book to e-readers everywhere, and to give those who want to get their hands on Stephanie the chance to buy it in print.

    There is a…ahem…date set for release… 😉

    I know you are one happy author! You have an equally happy editor who is thoroughly proud of you!

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  2. I kinda forgot about the first couple of edits. They were more of a beta read anyway.

    Stephanie would love to have her readers get their hands on her. 😉 Talk about your meet-and-spank event.

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