Spanking Newsletter #5

That time of the month again—for a spanking!!!!

Don’t have an update on last month’s mention of an accepted story for an anthology yet. No idea on the timeline for editing and/or publication. In the interim, I have submitted another story to Sexy Little Pages for the next call. The prompt this time is titled, Dancing With Myself: Stories of Self-Love Erotica.

One other publishing note, there is a new and very exciting venture starting up called Clarian Press. The renowned author, Ina Morata, is creating a company to publish her, and other erotica writers, fiction and poetry. Hopefully by this time next month, I will have more information to share and even an active website link, but for now, this is the concept logo and byline.

“Erotic, romantic and passionate fiction for all your desires”


Hope you enjoyed this newsletter and see you next month here, or get your daily spanking, at Spank Me Hard… Please?.

Byron Cane

7 thoughts on “Spanking Newsletter #5

  1. Thank you SO much for your mention of Clarian Press. Things are moving along steadily and my first brilliant independent authors are awaiting contracts. It’s very exciting!

    This story is satisfying on many, many levels. Satire is one of your fortes, and so is distinctive quirkiness of style. It’s wonderful to see the variety of characters you create for this one—and the sex is HOT!


  2. It is very exciting. I am really pleased for you that you’ve taken this step towards your own business. I know this has been a dream of yours, and I’m very happy and proud of your efforts.

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